Ways to Show Yourself in Off The Shoulder T Shirts

T shirts have been a common kind of apparels in the modern civilization. As a popular dressing style especially among young people, T shirts have been symbolized as relaxing and active icon and have been attracting numerous designers to pour their artistic ideas on this simple but beautiful piece of cloth.

There is one sub-style among the designing of these designers, which have been specially clipped for women to add sexy and feminine charm: off the shoulder shirts. Unlike the exposing bikinis that reveal most parts of the body, off the shoulder shirts are more conservative thus applicable for more occasions. An off the shoulder t shirt exposes just a little of a lady’s skin and shoulder, which looks more sexy in an innocent and casual way.

Beyond making yourself look cute and sexy, the off the shoulder t shirt are favored by females from different ages. Women in their twenties, thirties and some over forty-year-old get to love off-shoulder shirts to make a sexy and casual appearance. Teenage girls amongst middle school and high schools, college young girls also choose them as daily dressing.

Now that we are getting ready to join the big trend to get ourselves an off the shoulder t shirt, we need to take a closer look at the magical different details and styles that off the shoulder t shirts can be.

Trendy Style

As a t shirt, an off the shoulder shirt still holds the main element to be relaxing and comfortable. The trendy style is one of the best styles for teenagers and kids, and they give you a more active and younger appearance.

And you can make your own stylish off the shoulder shirt with an old normal one. You can look for an over-sized t shirt that maybe belongs to your elder siblings or your parents. First, turn the over-sized shirt inside out. Then, decide how big you want your off the shoulder part to be and mark a line around the neck. The next step is to cut the t-shirt with a pair of scissors along the line. And at last, turn the shirt around again to try it on.

A helpful tip is that you can try to mark a smaller area of line for the first time. If it doesn’t fall well on your shoulder, you can then repeat and adjust it with the same processes and cut some more.

To decorate for a trendy style, wear this DIY shirt with a bright colored tank top inside. Then put on a pair of cool shorts or jeans before the weather gets too cold!

Bohemian Manner

Two long sleeves, a simple but neat piece of cloth, a tier of frill, these consists of a bohemian style of off the shoulder shirt. A well cut neckline around the smooth and soft skin of the shoulder is perhaps the most popular look for many girls who desire a trendy and hippy figure.

For a bohemian manner, you can choose the shirt with the color of white but at the length that can almost covers your hip. A white off shoulder t shirt can always leave enough space for bling hot fix rhinestone patterns. Get your favorite one to glamour the boys around you! Match an eye-catching red hat on your head, black or dark blue shorts and a pair of red sneakers to concert the hat, and you’ll be the most fashionable girl in the street.

Sexy Look

The Off the shoulder is already the sexy fashion element, for its teasing exposure of a girl’s shoulder. To enhance the glamorous look, we can select the ones that are long just below the hip. And wear a wide dark colored belt around the waist. Hot pants and high heels are the best choices to pair the long off the shoulder, which wholly gives a sexy, classy and elegant look of you!

If you have perfect curves, show them with a body hugging sized off the shoulder shirt. But a shorter one this time, which just reaches the elbow. And add a little and cute pink rhinestone transfer design in the front. Under the shirt, you can put on a black bra and let the straps be visible. And that’s it — an erogenous girl here to attract every single man in the club!

Feminine Appearance

A feminine look is more conventional, gentle and soft than the former three styles. An off the shoulder top decorated with lace and silk can make you a sweet princess on the party, but in a more active and passionate way. Pair it with a short skirt.

If you want to make use of your long jeans and you have a perfect body fit, try the off the shoulder short shirts that are only above your navel. The simple but well-fitting jeans will just contribute to the focus on your top! If you are not satisfied with your body shape, get those off-shoulders with long and dloma sleeves and free-flowing hem. If you happen to have long and wavy hair, make it loose naturally. It will look just perfect from the side!

Now in conclusion, we have discussed the possibilities that an off the shoulder shirt can give you various looks, youthful, trendy, cute, sexy, feminine and classy, all in a magical off the shoulder t shirt! Does it show clearly that you must have on in your wardrobe? Go get one and wear it next time you are out with your friends, and you’ll get all the male attention!